ISS can meet all of your shipping needs through a variety of different support services.

Some of these services include arranging for pick up and delivery of freight within the U.S., temporary storage in our 10,000 sq.ft. warehouse facility, longer term storage for those people in language school, special export packing and/or crating, and containerization of cargo.

ISS makes all of the shipping arrangements and prepares the necessary U.S. export documentation for all shipments.

We can even offer marine cargo insurance coverage for most shipments if desired.

In addition to our shipping services ISS also acts as a purchasing agent by accepting orders for any and all types of goods. We will procure the items through a network of wholesale and retail suppliers, both local and throughout the U.S.



We have several sources for specialized goods such as 220 volt/50 cycle appliances, transformers, solar equipment and much more. We can also provide non-perishable groceries such as canned vegetables, spices, sauces, meats and many more items that you would find in your local grocery store.

We have an arrangement with a local wholesale food distributer for purchasing in full case quantities, taking advantage of volume discounts.

We have the contacts to purchase used, mixed, unsorted clothing in 1000 lbs bales and we can fill full containers of them upon request.