What are “crates” or “lift vans”?

Crates are large shipping boxes made of wood. Lift vans are pre-made crates that are usually 7.5' long by 4' wide by 7.5' high. Most moving companies use these as well as the military.

Many people choose to build their own wooden crates to pack their boxes or loose items in. If you choose to do this, please keep in mind these important facts: crates should be no more than 90" wide and 90" high and they should have AT LEAST 4" SKIDS OR “FEET” ON THEM. These skids make it possible to move the crate with a forklift and they are mandatory.

If you have no way of crating your boxes or trunks, we can do it for you at our warehouse. We charge $2.50 per cubic foot for crating, with a minimum of $65 per crate. If you would just like advice before building your own crates, feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.