How should I pack my cargo?

  • All articles should be well packed in sturdy containers such as footlockers, crates, drums or cardboard cartons.
  • Cartons can be obtained from your local grocery stores or can be bought from your local U Haul dealer.
  • Trunks and totes can be purchased at Walmart, Kmart etc.
  • Use common sense when packing your things. Put heavy items on the bottom and light items on top.




  • Pack very tightly to avoid any rattling or shifting.
  • Wrap all breakable glass in clothing or linens.
  • Do not fill a large box completely full of books! Books should be packed in with other items, or separated into several smaller containers.
  • If you use trunks or drums it is a good idea to put locks on them.
  • Keep the keys as you will need them overseas!